In this part of the website you'll find lots of rare archive material related to tours and concerts by the Barber Band over its fifty-year history -- programmes, posters, flyers, and so on. You can also view tour programmes on Andreas Wandfluh's website.

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Updated January 2018

Part 2: 1961 to the end of the 1980s
Tour Programme from the Early 1960s
Chris Barber in Berlin, 1961:
Peter Kazubski sent us more photos, this time from the Berlin 1961 concert at the Deutschlandhalle. See the pictures here.
1961 Tour Programme.
Programme from the Beaulieu Jazz Festival, 1961
Programme from a Concert in Glasgow, 1961
Concert Programme from a Tour of West Germany in 1961
Concert Flyer from a Tour of Switzerland in 1962 (Scanned by Roland Wildi of Liechtenstein ).
Publicity flyer for a concert in Leicester, 1962
Programme from a tour of Germany in 1962 with American clarinettist Ed Hall.
(Includes links to other parts of the website covering the recordings the band made with Edmond Hall.)
Programme from the 1962 tour with Louis Jordan.
(Includes links to other parts of the website covering the recordings the band made with Louis Jordan.)
Programme from the 1962 Richmond Jazz Festival.
Programme from a British tour in 1964.
Programme from a 1964 tour with Howling Wolf.
Chris Barber in East Germany - Berlin 1965:
This is part one of a small series, "Chris Barber in East Germany", giving information about the Concert at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in East Berlin, November 28, 1965. It includes an excerpt of the GDR TV recording of 1965.
Programme from a tour of Switzerland, 1965.
Programme from a concert tour in approximately 1965.
Programme from a tour of Switzerland, 1966.
This is a particularly interesting -- albeit short -- 1966 tour programme, because the text, written by Chris Barber, is all about New Orleans brass bands and the Eagle Brass Band featured on the tour. The photographs on pages 2 and 3 were taken a few years earlier, and were part of a set, twenty-four of which are reproduced elsewhere in this website: go to Photographs page 5 and scroll down to Photographs from a Street Parade in Washington, DC.
Programme from a tour of Switzerland, 1967.
Programme from a tour of Switzerland in 1968
Chris Barber in East Germany - Berlin 1968:
These Chris Barber Concerts in East Berlin on November 25-27, 1968 at the Friedrichstadt-Palast were recorded by the East German audio company AMIGA. Later on, the West German Polydor Group under its label Intercord released a double album of this concert. But the AMIGA 2 LP set and the INTERCORD double LP are not identical. Read more about these recordings and the great evenings in Berlin here.
Posters and a Programme from Sweden in the 1960s (Thanks to Kjell Wiklund).
Programme from a 1971-1972 tour: This booklet is interesting because it is longer than most, contains photos and short essays about each band member, and has the text in three languages -- English, Frech, and German.
Publicity Flyer for a 1972 Concert.
Thanks to Jürgen Stoever, a gallery of photos from a concert by The Chris Barber Band in Krefeld, 1973, is now posted on the website. These photographs were among the first to be taken after Johnny McCallum joined the band.
Chris Barber in East Germany, Berlin 1973:
We are happy to present to you the original flyer from the March 1973 concerts at the Friedrichstadt Palast in East Berlin.
. Souvenir booklet from 1976 or 1977: This is one of the longest and most comprehensive of the tour booklets produced up until the mid-1970s. It includes photographies and short biographies of each band member at the time (Chris Barber, Pat Halcox, John Crocker, Johnny McCallum, Pete York, John Slaughter, and Jackie Flavelle), plus a discography and a list of band personnel changes beginning in 1949.
Tour programme, probably 1978. This is a rare programme from a tour featuring the relatively short-lived line-up of the band after Sammy Rimington joined but before John Slaughter left. The programme includes a contribution in both English and German by Humphrey Lyttelton.
Concert programme, Theatre Royal, Winchester, 27 August 1979.
The Chris Barber Band: Tour Programme, 1979 or Early 1980s. This is a 28-page full-colour programme, with photographs plus text by Miles Kington and Humphtey Lyttelton, in both English and German.
Four pages from the programme for a concert at the Barbican, London, on 20 April 1982. The programme includes a short essay by Humphrey Lyttelton. The concert was recorded for the double-LP, Barbican Blues.
Take Me Back To New Orleans -- Souvenir programme with text in English and German.
Programme from the 30 Years Tour in 1985, featuring Ken Colyer and Monty Sunshine. The text is in both English and German.
Programme from a tour of "The Three Bs" -- Ball, Barber and Bilk, in 1985.
Programme from a late-1980s tour -- lots of colour photographs and information about the 1986-1988 lineup of the Chris Barber Jazz and Blues Band.

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