Barbican Blues
The Chris Barber Jazz and Blues Band
Double LP: Black Lion Records

The music on this double-LP, much of it unfortunately not available on CD, is uniformly outstanding. Highlights include Ory's Creole Trombone, Wild Cat Blues, and Barbican Blues, a phenomenal improvised duet between Chris Barber and Roger Hill, complemented by a wailing horn section in the last few choruses. What a concert this must have been to attend in person: the 1980s Barber band at the top of its form!

Barbican Blues was recorded in concert at the Barbican Centre, London, on April 20, 1982. You can view four pages from the concert programme elsewhere on the website.

Personnel: Chris Barber (trombone, trumpet, baritone horn & bass), Pat Halcox (trumpet & flugelhorn), John Crocker (clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax), Ian Wheeler (clarinet, alto sax), Roger Hill (guitar), Johnny McCallum (banjo, guitar), Vic Pitt (bass & bass guitar), and Norman Emberson (drums).
Music: The LP is represented by two short excerpts on this site: the first is the title track, and the second is Wild Cat Blues, usually a solo clarinet showcase, but here arranged for the whole band.
More details about this LP: Click on the thumbnails below to see scans of the inside of the double-LP sleeve.
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