Jubilee Stomp
The Monty Sunshine-Ken Colyer-Chris Barber Band / The Big Chris Barber Band
Timeless Records CDTTD654
Released November 2003

Jubilee Stomp is a �CD in four parts.� Five recently-discovered broadcast recordings by the Sunshine - Colyer - Barber Band of 1953-54 open the disc, featuring embryo versions of "Merrydown Rag" and "Chimes Blues", both of which were highlights of the first (1954) Barber LP, New Orleans Joys. The last two tracks (also originally recorded in 1954, on New Orleans Joys and Jazz Sacred And Secular) feature the new version of the six-piece band, with John Defferary, Vic Pitt, Paul Sealey, and Colin Miller taking on the roles of Sunshine, Bray, Donegan, and Bowden. The remaining eight tracks by the Big Chris Barber Band are evenly split between early-Ellington tributes and a wide range of other influences, including Miles Davis and the Dorsey Brothers. This is an outstanding CD which is not only a fine representation of the 2003 Barber band but also an interesting comparison of their earliest and most recent recordings � a fitting �Jubilee celebration.�

Personnel: See the jewel box insert scans.
Recording dates: Various dates in 1953 & 1954 and 2002 & 2003: see Discographical Details for this CD.
Music: Jubilee Stomp  and Black and Tan Fantasy
More about this CD: Click here for scans of the jewel box insert: titles, personnel, recording dates, notes by Chris Barber.
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