New Orleans To London
Ken Colyer's Jazzmen
Decca LF 115

This is the historic and classic 10-inch LP record that put the Ken Colyer band, and subsequently the Chris Barber band, "on the map." It was the band's first professional studio recording, and was made in a single day, September 2, 1953. The LP consists of eight tracks (Goin' Home, Isle Of Capri, Harlem Rag, La Harpe Street, Stockyard Strut, Cataract Rag, Early Hours, and Too Busy), some of which are still in the Chris Barber repertoire and have been included on the band's most recent CDs. After fifty years, the music still sounds as fresh as ever. One can only imagine the stunning impact it must have had on the British jazz scene when it was first released. The most amazing thing is that everyone in the band was still in their early to mid-20s, but you would never know it judging by the level of musicianship and professionalism on this wonderful record.

Personnel (see photo): Ken Colyer (trumpet & vocals), Chris Barber (trombone), Monty Sunshine (clarinet), Lonnie Donegan (banjo), Jim Bray (bass), Ron Bowden (drums).
Recording date: September 2, 1953.
Music: Goin' Home
More about this LP: See the Ken Colyer/Chris Barber 50th Anniversary page, as well as a page for the most recent CD reissue on Lake Records.
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