Chris Barber International / Classic Concerts
Chris Barber's Jazz Band with Ottilie Patterson
Lake Records LACD210D
Released in February 2005

While I doubt that many long-time Barber fans and collectors of Chris’s music will be without the three LP records that make up this latest issue from Lake Records, the double-CD Chris Barber International / The Classic Concerts is still a must-have for all fans, and there are four reasons why. First, the sound is superb and reveals nuances that I, for one, have missed on vinyl that is over forty years old. Second, the packaging is well up to Lake’s usual high standards, with superb notes, personnel data, and recording dates by Paul Adams. Third, CD #2 contains a couple of tracks which, to the best of my knowledge, have never been reissued on compact disc. And, last but not least, the Copenhagen concert has never before appeared on any CD. For me it was quite a revelation to hear this record in all its glory – you can almost hear the concert hall as an “extra instrument” in a way that didn’t come through on the original LP (or maybe on my much-played 45-year-old copy!).

I could go on and on about almost every single one of the 25 outstanding performances on this CD. Instead, let me invite you to listen to short clips from Climax Rag (Berlin – the band comes out flying!), Soudan (Copenhagen – with a drum solo by Graham Burbidge), and Fidgety Feet (the London Palladium concert, featuring Ian Wheeler’s first recordings with the band). Then, visit the Lake Records website and place your order. -- ELJ
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LP details: Scans of the original LP covers.
Scan of a double-LP reissue
This 2-LP set, reissued in 1988 as part of The Chris Barber Collection, included Barber In Berlin and Barber At The London Palladium, but not Chris Barber In Copenhagen. Apart from the front cover, reproduced below, the rest of the sleeve was the same as on the original LPs.
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