Music: Petite Fleur || Texas Moaner || Wabash Blues

Sleeve notes.

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"Chris Barber Plays Volume 3" on CD
Some of the tracks on Chris Barber Plays Volume 3 were included in the 2-CD collection, The Pye Jazz Anthology, but for a complete CD reproduction of the LP, listen to Chris Barber Plays Volumes Three And Four, one of the six discs included in the Nixa Jazz Today Albums box set. For more detail about the original LP and the box set, go to Chris Barber Plays, Volumes One, Two, Three, and Four and The Nixa Jazz Today Albums respectively. The entire LP, plus two other complete LPs (Chris Barber Plays, Volume 2, and Chris Barber In Concert) and some bonus, previously-unreleased, tracks, has appeared more recently on the 2-CD set Chris Barber 1956, part of a chronological re-issue series of CDs from Lake Records.

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