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Normally, we do publish new CD's related to Chris Barber and his bands and, of course, Chris guesting with other bands. But in some cases we have to do an exception!

This is again one of these exceptions!

Regular followers of the Big Chris Barber Band will have noticed the excellent reed work of Amy Roberts and Richard Exall. These two fantastic musicians have produced a remarkable CD called "Why Not?"

This Quintet does definitely not play the sounds of the Big Chris Barber Band - the mixture of tracks (see below) ranges from traditional tunes to Latin rhythms. E.g. note that fresh arrangement of High Society or the great title song "Why not?"

This is a fine addition to your CD collection - Why not?  

High Society    Why Not?    Lovina Mambo


The most important question is now "where can I get this new CD?"

Please contact

Andreas Wandfluh / November 2014

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