Concert Programme from the Royal Festival Hall, 15 December 1956
(Scanned and restored by Julian Purser)
Here is the programme from one of the most famous Chris Barber concerts – a performance at the Royal Festival Hall on 15 December, 1956. The concert was recorded, and was released shortly afterwards as the first of the Chris Barber In Concert LPs. It has since been re-issued numerous times, both on vinyl and most recently as part of a six-CD box set and a Lake Records CD, Chris Barber 1956. Elsewhere on this site you can read a reminiscence about the concert in a short piece by Chris Robins, who was there at the time.

Since this page was first posted, the website and archive team has acquired a second copy of the concert programme, in which the concert-goer has listed the actual numbers played during the concert. The relevant page is shown below, together with close-ups of the listings for the first and second halves of the Barber Band's performance. These lists show that the statement in the LP sleeve notes -- that it contained almost a full concert -- are not entirly accurate, as several tunes are listed that did not make their way on to the subsequent LP.

The Actual Concert Programme as Recorded by an
Anonymous Member of the Audience
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