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Chris Barber's Amateur Bands, 1949-1952

  1953-1954: Ken Colyer's Jazzmen

  Chris Barber's Jazz Band: New Orleans Joys and Echoes Of Harlem

  Petite Fleur, 1956 & 2002

The Big Chris Barber Band with guest Paul Jones, Baden-Baden, 2006:
Photographs by Helge Lorenz

(Note: this slide show does not include sound.)

  The Big Chris Barber Band, July 2003:
Photographs by Kjell Wiklund

  Evolution of a Band: 1954 is the first of a series of slideshows to highlight various aspects of the Chris Barber Band's five-decade history.

  The Big Chris Barber Band in Germany and Sweden, 2006:
Photographs by Helge Lorenz and Kjell Wiklund

  The Big Chris Barber Band in Hamburg, Germany, 17th November, 2006:
Photographs by Helge Lorenz

(Note: this slide show does not include sound.)


Ian Wheeler


  The Big Chris Barber Band in Zurich, 28 April 2007

  Chris Barber on Compact Disc: Featuring the covers of new CDs and CD reissues, plus music from 1953 to 1957. There are two versions of this slideshow. The first version has dimensions of 640 x 480 pixels and is about 30 Mb; the second version is 320 x 240 pixels and 19 Mb.


The Big Chris Barber Band in Switzerland:
Photographs by Andreas Wandfluh taken at a concert in April 2008, set to music excerpted from the recent DVD, As We Like It.


The Big Chris Barber Band at Swinging-Hannover, 2008:
Photographs taken by Helge Lorenz at an outdoor concert.

  Mike Henry

  Some Of These Days: A Tribute to Pat Halcox:
A celebration of Pat Halcox's 54 years with the Chris Barber Band; photos from the Barber-Purser Archives.

  The Big Chris Barber Band at the 30th Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival: Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, 25 July 2008.

  The Chris Barber EP Collection:
7-inch vinyl records from the 1950s and 1960s.

  Ottilie Patterson:
A slide show tribute to the greatest of all British blues singers, Ottilie Patterson, who joined Chris Barber's Jazz Band on January 1, 1955.

  The Chris Barber Band, 1953 To Today:
A slide show created for the 55th anniversary of the formation of Chris Barber's Jazz Band in 1954, celebrating all the former and present musicians who have been part of the band.


Ken Colyer's Jazzmen, 1953-54 and Chris Barber's Jazz Band 1954-57, featuring drummer Ron Bowden.


Monty Sunshine

A slideshow reflecting Monty's work with the Chris Barber Band


  John Slaughter

A tribute to the late, great John Slaughter, who joined the Chris Barber Band in 1964 and passed away in August 2010.



The Chris Barber LP Collection

  The Chris Barber CD Collection

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