12.08.1944 - 15.08.2010

Photo by Olav B Hansen

 Another sad one

We have sadly to announce that John Slaughter passed away on
August 15, 2010. We all have lost a very good friend and a fantastic musician. Rip, dear John - we all will miss you very much - your music lives on!

All our thoughts in these sad days are with Johns Family. 

Web and Archive Team
Ed Jackson and Andreas Wandfluh

The message book that we have opened on July 29 for greetings and encouraging words is still open and may be used for obituaries.

Note the special page for John's funeral

This is what we wrote on July 29, 2010:

Very sad news have reached the Band members and the Web and Archive Team: The bands excellent blues guitarist and personal friend for many years, John Slaughter, is seriousely ill.  John believed that he has won the fight against cancer, but the disease came back in the last months.

John sent us a very personal e-mail, requesting to publish a few photos on this site as well as a song he has written some time ago. The name of this title is very touching: Another sad one

This is an extract from John's e-mail:

Dear Ed and Andreas

Could you please try and put this MP3 on the web site at the end of the day and dedicated it to my wonderful wife Brigitta and my 3 beautiful daughters, Lucy, Holly, and Beth. 

It's me playing in a way nobody ever heard me play. I put it together some time ago.


Here is the music file: John Slaughter's Album: Another sad one

If you want to send greetings and encouraging words to John, please use this special message board

These are the pictures that John sent to us for publishing:

Brian May and John Slaughter  
Ian Wheeler and John Slaughter  
Lonnie Donegan and John Slaughter  
John Slaughter  
John Slaughter and Steve Hammond  
John Slaughter  
John Slaughter  

Peter Holenstein, the Swiss writer and John Slaughter's friend for more than 40 years, sent us 2 pictures that we think should be published on this site:   
John Slaughter with his lovely daugthers Lucy and Holly and their children  
John Slaughter with his friend since more than 40 years, the Swiss writer Peter Holenstein  


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