David Horniblow, clarinet and tenor sax

David Horniblow joined the Big Chris Barber Band in April 2010.  

Born into a musical family, David took almost no interest in music until he was 16, when his despairing parents bought him a clarinet.

Three practice filled years later, he started studying the clarinet at the Guildhall school of Music.  Finding the world of classical music a little too much like hard work, and developing a lasting hatred of rehearsing, he changed his focus to Jazz and the saxophone.


Living in London, he was fortunate enough to get to play with too many of the UK's top musicians to list, in a wide variety of contexts from traditional Jazz to mainstream and modern, west-end musicals and beyond.  Recently he has found himself increasingly in demand playing the clarinet in earlier Jazz styles, meeting Mike Henry and Peter Rudeforth in various groups - most recently working with Mike in Keith Nichol’s Blue Devils Orchestra.


As a big fan of early Ellington, David was very pleased to get the opportunity to join the Chris Barber Band, which must be one of the world's best and busiest bands performing this music, and greatly enjoys the diversity of the rest of the programme.


David Horniblow decided to move to Australia in 2012 and left the Barber Band in August 2012.
We all wish David a good new life down under and thank him very much for his friendship.

Music: David Horniblow is featured on clarinet & tenor sax on the CD "The Big Chris Barber Band" European Tour 2011 - CBJBCD 4005. CD available at concerts.
Here are two excerpts: Wabash Blues (David on clarinet) and C-Jam Blues (David on tenor sax) 

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