Chris Barber on Rick Wakeman's Face To Face

Ben Williams of Classic Media Group and the Blues Legacy label has provided the following information
about a forthcoming television programme. This page will be updated as new broadcast dates are received.

Rick Wakeman Face To Face With Jazz & Blues Legend Chris Barber

Territory: New Zealand
Channel: Sky Arts Channel (Sky Digital 79)
Broadcast Dates & Times:
     19/04/2009 20:30
     19/04/2009 02:30
     20/04/2009 10:30
For More Information On The Channel:

Territory: Worldwide Web
Channel: (Due to be launched soon)
Broadcast Dates & Times: To Be Confirmed
Note: Please note this website is still in development and due to be launched soon. Fans will be able to subscribe and download the whole interview online.

Territory: UK
Channel: Rock On TV (Sky Digital)
Broadcast Dates & Times: To Be Confirmed
Note: Please note, these broadcast dates are provisionally set for late March and due to be confirmed soon.

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