One Of Your Smiles
Sweet Papa Lowdown with Special Guest Chris Barber
Released 2003

One Of Your Smiles is one of several Chris Barber CDs released in the last few months of 2003 -- although strictly speaking it isn't really a Chris Barber CD. In actual fact it's a live recording by the Vancouver band, Sweet Papa Lowdown, with Chris Barber as a guest on all the tracks. The CD is the product of two collaborations between Chris and the band, the first being in 2000, which you can read about in an article on Jeff Shucard -- leader, singer, and guitarist -- also tells the story of how the relationship came about in his CD notes, as well as on Sweet Papa Lowdown's own website. The CD was recorded both during Chris's first visit to Canada's west coast, as well as in June 2002, when Chris visited Vancouver again to appear at a jazz festival with Sweet Papa Lowdown, which he talks about in an interview on CBC radio . The music? Jeff himself says it best: "post-modern retro-fusion Afro-American hokum jazz & blues" -- or, to quote the CD cover, "Barbaric Blues and Sizzling Syncopations"!

Music: Apex Blues and Why Cry Blues.
More about this CD: For full details about One Of Your Smiles, including track titles, personnel, scans of the jewel box inserts, and purchase information, go to Go to the third photographs page of the Barber website for pictures of Chris's visits to Vancouver.

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