The Big Chris Barber Band: Personnel Changes, Summer 2004

Paul Sealey and Trevor Whiting are both leaving the Big Chris Barber Band. Paul joined in July 1994, playing banjo and guitar, and Trevor, on reeds, in February 2003. They are leaving to continue their careers as session musicians. We wish them both well in their future and thank them for giving us such tremendous musical enjoyment while they have been with the band.

The new members of the band are Richard Exall (from the Piccadilly Dance Orchestra) on clarinet, alto and tenor sax, and Andy Kuc (from the Pasadena Roof Orchestra) on banjo and guitar. The new line-up will play for the first time at Chelmsford on 20 July, and then when the season proper starts at the end of August. Biographies and photographs of both Richard and Andy will be published on the site in the late summer or early autumn.

This page was compiled using text and photos provided by the "web/archives team" of Julian Purser, Andreas Wandfluh, and Ed Jackson.

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