The DVD is set for simultaneous release alongside the Blues Legacy Lost and Found CD sets.

DVD Release
United Kingdom – 10th March ‘08
Europe – 20th March ‘08
United States & Canada – 13th May ‘08
‘As We Like It’ presents the Jazz & Blues legend Chris Barber in an exclusive
one-night-only performance, filmed live in front of an invited studio audience
at Classic T Stage, Shepperton Film Studios.
Featuring the Big Chris Barber Band and a special guest appearance from
Andy Fairweather-Low on ‘It Takes A Worried Man’ and
‘Lay My Burden Down/Will The Circle Be Unbroken’.
This is classic Chris Barber, an absolute icon in the world of Jazz, alongside his full
eleven-piece band performing hit tracks such as Petite Fleur, numbers from the critically
acclaimed 2007 album ‘Can’t Stop Now’, plus a host of material from the likes of
Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee and the Dorsey Brothers,
in what Blues Matters magazine described as ‘a terrific performance’.
‘Bourbon Street Parade’, ‘Rent Party Blues’, ‘Jungle Nights In Harlem’, ‘Spell Of The Blues’,
‘Jubilee Stomp’, ‘Precious Lord Lead Me On’, ‘The Martinique’, ‘Wild Cat Blues’,
‘Merry-Go-Round’, ‘Can’t Stop Now’, ‘Black and Tan Fantasy’, ‘C-Jam Blues’, ‘All Blues’,
‘Cornbread, Peas and Black Molasses’, ‘What Ya Gonna Do?’, ‘Hot and Bothered’,
‘Petite Fleur’, ‘It Takes A Worried Man’ (Featuring Andy Fairweather-Low), ‘Lay My
Burden Down/Will The Circle Be Unbroken’ (Featuring Andy Fairweather-Low),
and ‘When The Saints Go Marching In’
Blues Legacy is an entirely new kind of audio-visual recording company, run by a coterie of musicians and producers, who are dedicated to “Keepin’ Blues Alive”. Every record release remains the property of the Artist-Owners and cannot be taken over by outside financial interests. All output reaches the public through the Classic Media Group (Shepperton Studios, England).

Blues Legacy operates as a not-for-profit company that distributes the financial income and proceeds back to the artists and producers who work together on music and DVD projects. Artists are not required to sign away their intellectual property ownership rights or copyrights in their creative works: artists simply license their creative works to Blues Legacy for an agreed period of time. In return, they are issued with share certificates in their creative works, and by definition, each and every artist becomes a shareholder in their own Blues Legacy creative project.

Unlike conventional recording companies, Blues Legacy does not have any owners or equity stake holders. There is no board of directors, and Blues Legacy, as a company, can never be sold or purchased, or taken over. Instead, Blues Legacy has a group of Custodians and Guardians, made up of musicians, producers and professionals, who oversee the good practice and probity of the company, headed up by the President, Chris Barber, OBE. Current custodians and guardians include Eric Clapton, Bill Wyman, and Terry Taylor.
The first and inaugural album released under The Blues Legacy imprint was the critically acclaimed Can’t Stop Now (Oct ’07) which features The Big Chris Barber Band, including special guest appearances by Andy Fairweather-Low on ‘Worried Man Blues’, ‘Gin House’, and ‘Lay My Burden Down’, as well as some Barber classics and new Ellington arrangements .
Classic Studio T is a music DVD, CD and Digital Download label and part of the Classic Media Group, based at Shepperton Film Studios, England. The first and inaugural album released in association with Chris Barber and The Blues Legacy imprint was the critically acclaimed Can’t Stop Now (Oct ’07), which features the Big Chris Barber Band, including a special guest appearance from Andy Fairweather-Low on ‘Worried Man Blues’, ‘Gin House’, and ‘Lay My Burden Down’.

The label will continue to release both new and historic releases from quality Jazz & Blues
artists and projects created with Chris Barber.
For further information, high-res images, interview requests
& review copies please contact:
Ben Williams
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T: 0044 (0) 1932 592016

Classic Media Group, Shepperton Film Studios, Studios Road,
Shepperton, Middx, TW17 0QD, UK
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