Matrix Jazz Record Research Magazine, 1956
Here is a quite rare item that I found on eBay (never having seen it before in about seven years of collecting). It would not be of much interest on the Chris Barber website except that this particular edition (December 1956) contains an extensive discography of all Chris Barber's recordings up to July 1956 (the second That Patterson Girl E.P.). As such, it should be of historical interest to Barber fans and collectors. In scanning and editing the pages, I have tried to enhance their readability while preserving a sense of the faded and worn character of this rather old document. -- Ed Jackson, January 2009.
Pages 1-2 Pages 7-8 Pages 13-14
Pages 3-4 Pages 9-10 Pages 15-16
Pages 5-6 Pages 11-12 Pages 21-22
Note: pp. 17-21 are not Barber-related.
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