We have sadly to announce that John Slaughter passed away on August 15, 2010. Rip, dear John - we all will miss you very much - your music lives on.

This message board - opened when we have been informed of John's illness - stays open for obituaries.

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allan wodhams
» 12.September 2010 um 12:04Uhr «
cheers mate it was great catching up with you. over 50 years ago at school ,and in worthing pavillion.listing to the great music you all played and you john with your solo's god bless you mate allan.
Stu Morrison
» 08.September 2010 um 10:57Uhr «
After the awful news of John's passing,when the shock had diminished,I was able to remember the wonderful times we had together when I was a meber of the band.We were the two youngest members of the band back then and we gave poor Chris quite a few headaches. The music,the laughs we had and the privalege of knowing John and working with him are all treasured memories.The blues music scene has lost a great guitarist. We have lost a great friend. To his Family,my deepest sympathy. Stu.
Paola y Peter
» 06.September 2010 um 19:59Uhr «
Hello John,
thank you for the wonderfull music.
Thank you for your wonderfull jokes.
Thank you for the times we could see each other.
Thank you for playing at our wedding party,
it was wonderfull, marvelous, hilarious,
it was great.
You gave us a lot of fun and pleasure.....

Liebe Brigitta,
es war schön John kennengelernt zu haben,
er war ein wunderbarer Mensch.
Wir haben ihn gern gehabt und wir werden ihn vermissen.
Wir hatten so die Hoffnung und Freude, dass er es geschafft hatte...

Er ist in unseren Herzen und wird immer dort sein.
Auch wenn es etwas spät ist, wenn Du wieder zurück bist, wir sind für Dich da.
Eugene Smith
» 02.September 2010 um 15:57Uhr «
What very sad news. John's playing has been a constant part of my life for over twenty years, ever since I saw the band in Bedford. As many people have said previously, he'll always be with us thanks to the music. My sincere condolences to John's family.

Thanks John.

» 31.August 2010 um 17:26Uhr «
Well John, it's been a week since your send off which did you proud. Lots of family, friends and workmates there to help you join that ever increasing band in the other place. Over the last 30 years or so since we first met it's been a privilege to have known you as a great musician, a friend and an exemplary human being. Love to Brigitta and the wider family .... R.I.P. mate... Syd & Bridget x
» 28.August 2010 um 18:18Uhr «
Geschockt und traurig moechten wir hier Johns Familie unser Beileid ausprechen.
Die Erinnerungen an John bleiben fuer immer in unseren Herzen, seine grossartige Musik lebt weiter.
Gitta, dir wuensche ich viel Kraft fuer diese schwere Zeit lass dich umarmen wenn du zurueck bist. Wir sind fuer dich da ....

LG Silvi und Laura
Bonnie Taylor
» 28.August 2010 um 16:43Uhr «
Sitting here in tears, trying to come to terms with the news. I am heartsick that I failed to get the message of his death and funeral and could not join everyone in saying a proper goodbye.

John was a huge part of my life, together with Debby and the girls, in the 70s. In the early 80s he was a unique support when I had my own, very minor, brush with cancer. Since then our contact was irregular but whenever I saw him, it was as if it had only been a few weeks.

Because of his recovery from the hell-raising days, John was a precious counsellor and I continue to pass on his wise words of encouragement to this day and always will.

Recently, I have started singing the blues and I measure all guitarists by the Slaughter standard. I had a fantasy that one day we might tempt John to a jam and get on a stage together. Well, that will have to wait until I get to the big jam he has just joined.

I will miss his gentleness, his hilarious humour and, of course, his music and I will never forget him.

My thoughts are with all the family.

Be happy and well, wherever you are, John. xxx
Chris Wright
» 27.August 2010 um 19:34Uhr «
I grew up with John , but I moved away when I was 11 years old. I was always swapping things when I was at school, and one of the swaps was a cornet which John just had to get his hands on, which he did. I can always remember the upright piano in his front room, which he played perfectly at the age of 8or 9. And I can always remember the Hamster in the back room kept in the right hand alcove of the fire place. I am sure he told me his dad was a glass blower, not sure on that one. Well I am very sorry John has passed away, my best wishes go to all his family and his dearest and close friends. it was only by chance I typed in Johns name and discovered the sad news. Chris Wright .
John and Nancy Watkins
» 27.August 2010 um 13:04Uhr «
So sad to see this news. We will always remember his music, those solos that we waited to hear in sweet anticipation, that special lick the J S signature sound, his blues band, the fuzzy hair to the dickie bows so many memories of happy nights at the 100 club as we went together from courting to being grandparents. Thank you John, a wonderfull musician and a nice man. Much too soon rest in peace.
Dieter Schmidt & Thomas Jaekel
» 27.August 2010 um 10:16Uhr «
We are shocked and sad that such a fine gentleman and a great musician has gone too early. RIP John
Dieter Schmidt & Thomas Jaekel
» 26.August 2010 um 10:46Uhr «
Chris Barber und Lonnie Donnegan haben mich zum Jazz gebracht ( 1958 ) Danke John für Dein schönes Zusammenspiel in der Band .
Banjospieler und Gitarristen in der BarberBand sind unvergessen . Vielen Dank für die Musik .

G. Schmelzer
Paramount A
Gibson L5
Dave Challice
» 25.August 2010 um 12:24Uhr «
First saw you in 1966 in the Mardi Gras Club with Chris Barber and Alex Bradford in Liverpool. Last saw you in the Pavillion Bournemouth with the Big Chris Barber Band a couple of years or so ago. Saw and listened to you and the band dozens of times in between. I am just one of those countless thousands of people you played to and gave enjoyment to for many years. Many thanks
» 25.August 2010 um 10:34Uhr «
Thanks for the music John
Richard Bath
» 25.August 2010 um 07:16Uhr «
Dear John

I knocked on your door in 1971 (aged 11) and asked you if you could teach me the Guitar. You told me that you didn't teach however I could come in and have a "Jam"....you blew me away! and have done ever since.....inspiring me to play with feel....."One note in the right place" you said...how true!
Many good times fishing too......belly laughs till it hurt.....and so generous!......I will miss you so much. Rest in Peace John x
Becky Jeffes
» 24.August 2010 um 22:26Uhr «
Dear Beth, Holly and Lucy

Its been many years since those days in Ashwell. I was so sad to hear of your dads passing. I have such wonderful memories of him when we were little! He was a really lovely man. Our thoughts are with you and your families.

Love Becky, Laurence and Poppy
Andy Silvester
» 24.August 2010 um 16:48Uhr «
I only met John once when we both played a New Orleans charity gig for the Water Rats in November 2004, but it was enough to appreciate what a really nice chap he was. I was playing with another band that night and we both had identical guitar stands, consequently John walked off with both stands at the end of the gig. He assured me he didn’t make a habit of that sort of thing when I caught up with him a few days later and he posted it back to me pronto. I found his sense of humour delightful in the short time I knew him and I’m utterly saddened by the news of his passing. My heart goes out to his family.

RIP John
Melissa Smith
» 24.August 2010 um 14:57Uhr «
Allthough I only met John once when I was old enough to remember, Rest in Peace.
It was realy nice meeting you and such ashame it was only once.
Love, Melissa
Dick and Kay Smith
» 24.August 2010 um 14:27Uhr «
Rest In Peace, John
Fond Memories,
Dick and Kay
Jacky Gordon
» 24.August 2010 um 12:05Uhr «
so sad to here the news my memories of john are of fun and music. Although I havnt seen him for over 30 years. love and condolences to all of his family
Ray Smith
» 24.August 2010 um 11:09Uhr «
God Bless, John.
To Brigitta, Lucy, Holly and Beth -our thoughts are with you all on this very sad day
Ray, Melissa and Amy
Chris Doddington
» 24.August 2010 um 02:14Uhr «
My thoughts are with you all in your sadness. Johns kindness and gentle smile still lingers in my mind.

Thanks for the laughter, the friendship way back and of course, the great music John.

With love - Chris
» 23.August 2010 um 23:24Uhr «
Oh boy,this is so sad,my dear friend John...
So many good memories so many laughs.

A true gentleman and a true bluesman.
Thanks for the licks John .You'll always be in my thoughts,
love to Brigitta,Lucy Holly & Beth
Johnnie Harper
» 23.August 2010 um 19:55Uhr «
sad news indeed - but happy memories of times together with John , his friendliness, quiet humour, and supreme guitar playing
Dave Green
» 23.August 2010 um 13:19Uhr «
I'm almost lost for words...I spent three happy years with Chris and the band on the road, the whole experience was enhanced by John's presence both musically and personally. He was the complete professional, immaculate in every sense.he had a great sense of humour and a turn of phrase and genuine wit that was unique.

Sometimes after the soundcheck when the rest of the guys had left the stage,John would start playing a blues riff that John Sutton and I couldn't resist joining in on, so we would Jam for another 15 minutes or so.John's playing knocked me out in those moments he was a hell of a blues player.

I spoke to him on the day before his birthday and he was full of spirit and good humour in fact we ended up having a great laugh on the phone.

John was a very modest man never one to push himself into the limelight.I'll always be grateful that I had the opportunity to know him and share his company.

John used to say the last two words to me every night after the gig so I'd like to return them now with love "Thanks Mate".

» 22.August 2010 um 23:35Uhr «
Well, that news sucks.

John Crocker put it brilliantly: "In truth he was someone who made traditional jazz fans realise how much they loved the Blues."

Put me in that camp. I remember sitting in the front row at Fairfield Halls watching him perform a blues with Ottillie that has never (to the best of my knowledge) been released. It was, quite simply, awesome.

He'll be missed by a lot of people.
John Defferary und Uta
» 22.August 2010 um 17:52Uhr «
With sad thoughts and happy memories,
John and Uta
Walter L. Henne
» 22.August 2010 um 11:26Uhr «
Yesterday I received the sad news. A great loss.
I remember all the good time we had together
when John was on tour with Chris Barber in
Germany and Switzerland. He will remain in my
Walter L. Henne Radio 8 Jazzhouse
Jean and John Crocker
» 21.August 2010 um 15:35Uhr «
When we spoke to John the other day we enjoyed many amusing reminiscences of our time together in the Barber band. Such was his positive attitude that when we heard the sad news it was all the more difficult to comprehend. It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to a wonderful friend and someone who gave such pleasure to all who were fortunate to hear him play in all parts of the world. In truth he was someone who made traditional jazz fans realise how much they loved the Blues. Fondest love to Brigitta, 'his girls' and their families and our thoughts are with you all at this sad time. We hope you take comfort from all the fond messages shown here.
Pete Brough
» 21.August 2010 um 12:26Uhr «
It was an absolute pleasure & honour to know and perform with you dearest John, you will be sorely missed.Condolences to Gitta and all your loved ones.
Pete x x x
sandra jackson
» 21.August 2010 um 11:30Uhr «
what very sad news. We are going to see Kenny Ball, Acker Bilk and Chris Barber's Big Band, at the Sage Gateshead in Dec. We will remember John when we are there. Condolences to all his family and friends. Sandy and Tony Jackson, Hartlepool, UK.
Brian May
» 21.August 2010 um 03:11Uhr «
So sad to hear of John's passing. A true gentleman and a fine player - I am proud to say that I played with him, even if only momentarily. My sincere condolences to his family.

RIP, old chap.

» 20.August 2010 um 17:34Uhr «
To me John was such a character. His inspiration for his music was only outshone by his love for his 3 girls. I am truely sorry I can't be there with you Holly, Beth and Lucy to give you all a hug x
John and Sue Beecham
» 20.August 2010 um 14:07Uhr «
It was a privilege to be in the John Slaughter Band. John was a true friend and a great bandleader - helpful and inspiring. It was thrilling to be in his horn section, playing licks behind those great guitar solos. Thanks, John. As Sue says, John was one of the good guys, and he will be truly missed. Our thoughts are with his family.
mojo mitchell
Web: http://www.myspace/...
» 20.August 2010 um 11:49Uhr «
dear Lucy,Holly & Beth

your dad & I shared many great gigs but what I remember most is his amazing sense of humour, he was always laughing.
I can't be there as I'm working in Spain but my thoughts are with you at such a sad time.
Ron Knight
» 20.August 2010 um 02:08Uhr «
It was with sadness that we in Perth WA learnt of the passing of John Slaughter.
It is indeed a sad day for all, We last saw John perform with the band on the 2000 Down under tour and what an amazing musician he was.
Our condolences to John's family, his friends and fellow musicians.
Say hello to louis for all of us .
The jazz club of WA. RIP
David Doddington
» 19.August 2010 um 23:38Uhr «
To John's girls and to Brigitta my deepest sympathies.
I count myself blessed to have known John for so many years. Thanks for the chats, the laughs and the music.
Rest in Peace John.
Pam Stanley
» 19.August 2010 um 21:36Uhr «
Dear Lucy, Holly and Beth,

So sorry to hear about your dads passing, we lost touch in recent years but I have many happy memories from our days in Ashwell. Unfortunately I will not be able to make the funeral as I now live in Portugal
Love Pam
» 19.August 2010 um 19:37Uhr «
I woke this morning feeling so sad for John, but glad he is at peace now . I have been told that people live on in memories, and thousands will remember John because of his music and those lucky enough to have shared his humour will remember much to make them smile. My family and I are proud to have bee part of his life for a short while. RIP John
Graham Jones
» 19.August 2010 um 16:53Uhr «
A great shock. Jackie Flavelle rang to tell me of John's death.Although John and I have been out of touch with each other for sometime, we were pals during the late sixties and early seventies, I remember listening with him to The Band's first LP hot from the press and John raving about the skills of Robbie Robertson.A great guitar player and a delightful friend.
Trefor Williams
» 18.August 2010 um 22:46Uhr «
Farewell John. A fine sweet man. You have left some beautiful music and memories of warm words for us to learn from. R.I.P. Rejoice in Paradise. You have gone home and been made perfect again. God bless you, mate. You're playing the blues together with the hallelues!
Jim Bassett

» 18.August 2010 um 20:27Uhr «
Dear John, now you are really going up the river. May your journey be full of joy and happiness.

Say hello to Lonnie.

Cheers, Jim
Hazel and John Quipp
» 18.August 2010 um 16:56Uhr «
John was a true gentleman, and a fantastic blues player, who we will miss very much. We will always treasure the memory of John coming round to our house with his new JJ Hucke signature guitar and asking to run it up through my amp as all his gear was in the band van. I've never altered the tone settings on the Laney after John borrowed it for a gig with the Part Time Blues Band in St Neots (his gear was in Germany this time!). Happy days and treasured memories. God bless you, John.
Luigi,Matilde+ Blanca Taveri
» 18.August 2010 um 15:50Uhr «
Dears !

I'm a old Friend of John,we met us first with
Mike Hailwood who was a Friend and Moto-cycle-Rider like me . We visited many Concert
with Peter Holenstein as well,who told us
about John. We are so very sorry about that.
John was e excellent Gitarr-Player and a
wonderful Person ,we will miss him.

We wishing the family all the force for the future without John

With all our sorrow

Luigi + Family
Ray & Paula Green
» 18.August 2010 um 07:07Uhr «
A few tears shed here in NZ on the sad news.

The music lives on and what a marvellous legacy.

Several happy memories of John, particulary since the "2000 Down Under Tour". Our condolences not only to the family, but the band members past and present and particularly our good friend Richard Oliver.
Chris Newman
» 18.August 2010 um 01:03Uhr «
My dear friend i will treasure all the great times we had playing together and all the great laughs.
Thankyou for being such a great inspiration too me. I'll finish that song as promised mate !!!

Rest in peace dear friend.
Helge Lorenz
» 18.August 2010 um 00:09Uhr «
Dear John. In recent days and weeks I wished for nothing more than that you would make it, win the fight, and that you would be given many more years of happy life to come, along with your family and friends. I had this hope until the very end and this hope helped myself to fight against my worst fears of maybe loosing you far too early. Receiving the devastating message of your sudden death leaves a big gap in my life which words can not describe. You will live on happily in my memories but memories can not replace what we all have lost. I will miss you as the blues man in the Chris Barber Band, I will miss you as my guitar hero of whom I have learned so much and I will miss you as a great and irreplaceable human being I am proud of having known for so many years of my life. Thanks John for everything. My blues solos will be for you. My deepest condolences to your wive and familiy. My thoughts are with you. Rest in peace. With love, Helge
richard oliver
» 17.August 2010 um 23:33Uhr «
This is so, so sad. An absoluteley wonderful and special friend has been lost and everybody who knew him will mourn his passing. His humour and wit were experienced over 15 years of travelling together to and from gigs, and overnighting in eachothers houses in England. His playing was always inspirational. Touring with his own Band in the early 90's was unforgettable and hilarious. His enjoyment of his cars and driving were infectious. Thanks to Brigitta for the total support that made his last illness bearable. God Bless you John and thanks for your friendship. You will be long remembered with affection by Richard & Betty
» 17.August 2010 um 22:25Uhr «
Dear John,
I so very sad to hear of your passing. You will always be in my thoughts. My love goes out to your family,
Jürgen and Waltraud Lorenz
» 17.August 2010 um 21:20Uhr «
Dear John,
Thinking of you these days makes us speechless and fills us with sorrow.
We had so much believed in wonders which finally were far away from reality.
Ruhe in Frieden, Rest in peace.
You will go on living in the hearts of all who knew, admired, liked and loved you.
Jürgen and Waltraud Lorenz
Ria & Wim Wigt
» 17.August 2010 um 18:26Uhr «
Dear John,

We can't find the words to express our feelings.

All what we enjoyed together, your great music, the little chats,
your humoristic expressions, the mutual understanding without words,
it is now gone with you...

We will miss you forever, but we will always keep the nice memories in our minds and hearts.

Brigitta and Family lots of love and strength. Brigitta, we admire you for all your caring.
Our thoughts are with you.

Ria and Wim Wigt & Wigt Family & Wigt Company
Willie B.
» 17.August 2010 um 17:58Uhr «
Dear John,
All our hope and prayers were not strong enough to let you stay with us. We lost a fantastic guitar-player and a friend, a funny man, always with his typical kind of humour. 5 years, just 60 month since we met you, but we are proud and deeply grateful for this too short time with you. We are not ashamed of our tears. Our thoughts are with Brigitta and your family.
You will never walk alone, you will be in our hearts.
RIP John

Willie B. and all the boys and girls of
Pat and Shirley
» 17.August 2010 um 17:18Uhr «
Dear John,
How blessed we were to have shared so many years of our life together playing the music we loved. You were just 19 when you joined Chris's band and our friendship began.So many memories of good times and wonderful experiences. Your music has given us and many many others so much joy and happiness.

We can't express our profound sorrow that you have gone.............forever ?? No, ....not in our hearts as you will always be there.

Our thoughts are with Brigitta,Lucy, Holly,Beth And their families. They can be proud of your achievements and know how much you are admired and loved for your music and friendship.

It really is "Another Sad One " to remember with tears in our eyes. R I P dear John we will miss you. XX Shirley and Pat
Louis Lince
» 17.August 2010 um 13:25Uhr «
A wonderful blues guitar player and a very pleasnt man. The world is a poorer place without him. RIP John.
Dave Waller
Web: http://www.lonniedo...
» 17.August 2010 um 12:24Uhr «
Although I never knew John, it is indeed very sad news. A great loss to music. John you'll always be remembered, your music will never die. I just love your guitar work on Lonnie's Muleskinner Blues album.
virginia mc callum
» 17.August 2010 um 01:37Uhr «
very very sorry to hear about john when i was younger i remember when my father johnny joined the band we were made very welcome to his house the first time i ever had nettle soup and last i remember john being a lovely man and sorry that it is an end of an era but im sure his memory will live on for ever condolences to johns family r.i.p
Stacey Horton
» 16.August 2010 um 22:19Uhr «
It is awfully difficult not to be moved by the amount of respect and love that is written here for you John. I hope your family and friends can take some comfort from the knowledge that you were thought of so highly, and loved by many. This is such a sad loss.

I think Mike Henry puts it all in to perspective with those words, "we have an empty chair". I told myself that I wouldn't listen to "Another sad one", until the day you passed away. I listened to it this afternoon in tears.

My sincere condolences.

Sleep tight xx

P.S: I bet that you and Lonnie are having a good ole jam session!
Bernard Flegar
» 16.August 2010 um 20:18Uhr «
Dear John.
You will remain in our hearts as a fantastic musician, one of the great ones of all time, and true gentleman with great knowledge about music and life on and off the stage. Your sense of humor was unique as well as your bravery throughout your illness. Touring with you earlier this year with the Big Chris Barber Band is an experience I will treasure forever. With lots of love and respect to you, John, our irreplaceable fallen hero and friend, and of course to Brigitta and the family.
K. Lemi Gsteiger
» 16.August 2010 um 20:02Uhr «
it is one very sad news which I have received today.
John will stay with his friends and fans in the whole world in memory.
deepest condolences to his family
Lemis Dixieland Band /Bern CH
Peter Austin
» 16.August 2010 um 19:12Uhr «
This is so sad. Let us hope that all the tributes that have been paid here to John will be of some comfort to his family.

We will all have our own special memories - re-enforced by LPs,CDs and DVDS. Mine will be the tingle of excitement as the band kicked off a concert and watching John get into the groove - that ritualistic kick of the amp.lead and the grin across to his mates in the engine room,whoever they were. That was John for me.

But then there are those solos - and the Blues Band. Thank you for all of that John and go gently up the river.

alan wright
» 16.August 2010 um 16:16Uhr «
john you will be missed a great uncle and friend with a wicked sense of humour r.i.p john love alan jill james oliver
Sue and Colin
» 16.August 2010 um 14:23Uhr «
God bless John and Rest In Peace. We will miss you as a friend and as a musician. x x
» 16.August 2010 um 13:29Uhr «
RIP John, it was a blast playing with you for the last 10 years, setting up the stage for gigs will never be the same now we have an empty chair.
Glad I got to chat to you on Skype last week for your birthday.
Love to Brigitta and the family

Magic & Joan xx
John Service
» 16.August 2010 um 13:17Uhr «
What a shock to be awakened with such bad news. I spoke to John on his birthday last week and he was his usual humorous self and we had a great giggle together. Good that he had such a good time with the family. Condolencies to Brigitta and the family. We've all lost a great pal as well as a unique musical voice. RIP Slaughts - you'll never be forgotten mate. John xx
Lutz Eikelmann
Web: http://www.lutz-eik...
» 16.August 2010 um 12:27Uhr «
My true and sincere condolences to John's family.

I will play a JUST A CLOSER WALK WITH THEE (dedicated to John!) with my band on next occasion.

Let's keep the memory to this great musician alive!

Best regards from Germany,
Lutz Eikelmann
Simon Holliday
Web: http://www.simonhol...
» 16.August 2010 um 12:02Uhr «
Sincere condolences to the Slaughter family. A very sad loss to the world at large, and the jazz community that try to make life a tad happier for one and all. John did that and so much more.
Chris Mitchell
» 16.August 2010 um 11:48Uhr «
The sad news reached us today. John was a great muso,and a fantastic 1000% guy. A great loss to us all.We will miss Him.But , we must thank God ,that we had the pleasure,and honour to have known Him. To his Family , our sincere condolencies and strength in this difficult time.
The Harlem Ramblers,Zurich
» 16.August 2010 um 11:30Uhr «
Our thoughts are with you and your family - thank you for everything you gave to us!
And as I said before - you 'won't go to strangers' & you'll stay in our hearts.
Rob Ford
» 16.August 2010 um 11:19Uhr «
RIP John,
I'm so shocked & saddened to hear the news. It was great to catch up with you again just before Christmas last year, and I'll treasure the long chat we had, as well as the great memories from way back when, as a teenager, you helped and inspired my musical ambitions.
I'll miss you my friend.
My thoughts are with Brigitta, and Lucy, Holly & Beth.
Rob & Amanda Ford.
Jürgen Vieregge
» 16.August 2010 um 11:12Uhr «
Lübeck fans will miss you. Have a good sound up there now, w'll see you sometimes.
Yours, Jürgen
Carla & Peter
» 16.August 2010 um 10:54Uhr «
Rest in peace John.
It is so unfair! Only true friends will leave footprints in our hearts.
Our thoughts are with Brigitta & Family.
Frank Feeney
» 16.August 2010 um 10:43Uhr «
RIP John. Thank you for your friendship and inspiration over all these years.
Bob Hunt
» 16.August 2010 um 10:02Uhr «
Unusually for me I am lost for words. A sad sad day indeed. God bless you John xxx
ray smith
» 16.August 2010 um 09:24Uhr «
Rest In Peace John.

Ray, Melissa and Amy
Kate and Chris
Web: http://chrisbarber.net
» 16.August 2010 um 08:51Uhr «
One of our saddest days...........John was a
constant friend and colleague for what seemed to be an eternity but is now revealed to have been so short
Thank you John for what you gave to us personally and to the Band musically...........
Let us not forget
Kate and Chris
Richie Burns
» 16.August 2010 um 07:57Uhr «
RIP John our thoughts are with you and your family,great musician great friend one of the best.God bless you John.Richie,Trace and Becky,xx
Peter & Gaby Holenstein
» 16.August 2010 um 07:43Uhr «
«If tears could build a stairway,
And memories a lane,
I'd walk right up to Heaven
And bring you home again».

Liebe Brigitta: Es heisst nicht Sterben, wenn man in den Herzen jener Menschen weiterlebt, die man verlassen muss. Wir sind in Gedanken bei Dir.
Peter & Gaby Holenstein, Brezzo di Bedero (Italy)
Pete Rudeforth
» 16.August 2010 um 01:40Uhr «
Christ, I don't believe it. So soon. Deeply shocked and saddened by the loss of a great friend and fine gentleman. And what an excellent musician. He taught me more about time than any other single musician - without ever saying a word. Sheer professionalism and class. What a brave man. My thoughts are naturally with Brigitta and the family.

Love always, Pete.
The Web and Archive Team
» 15.August 2010 um 22:28Uhr «
We have sadly to announce that John Slaughter passed away on August 15, 2010. We all have lost a very good friend and a fantastic musician. Rip, dear John - we all will miss you very much - your music lives on!

All our thoughts in these sad days go to Johns Family.
» 15.August 2010 um 22:07Uhr «
Hi John
Just logged on to see when you were back at the Concorde Club again when I came across the sad news.

It was good to see you again last year, albeit after 23 years! I know you mentioned you thought your illness had returned but you seemed so positive. Your guitar playing is simply breathtaking and 'Another Coat of Paint' is barely out of my CD player in my car. Everyone around Eastleigh must be familiar with your 'solos' when I'm driving around! Hope to see you again this year at the Concorde, lot of love to you and your family.

Russell and Sue Mills
» 15.August 2010 um 12:05Uhr «
Hi John
Very sorry to hear of your recurrent illness, keep fighting it mate, and we look forward to seeing you again.
Best wishes to you and Brigitta.
Russell and Sue Mills
» 12.August 2010 um 10:14Uhr «
Hi John,
You might find it strange, but you are my guitar hero even that I never heard you playing live on stage . Why ? Because I was born and raised in Czechoslovakia (nowadays Czech Republic) and I couldnt get out of the country during communist times. After the regime fell, I went to the concert in Prague in 1992 but You werent there... Never mind. I still remember the time when I first heard the LP Ch. B. Live in Berlin - You were - and its still true, I listened to the album just yesterday - the star of this LP. The way You played there is amazing, Your solo on "Jeeps blues" was the first one I tried to copy. Your guitar is since then in my ears and soul, your gentle way of playing is amazing, I just love that. So please, keep on fighting, I wish You all the luck Michal
Ashley and Ann Best
» 11.August 2010 um 14:27Uhr «
John, We've loved your music. Thanks so much for the huge pleasure and delight you've given us over all the years we've known you from the earliest days at the Hugh Christie School concerts right up to now - 43 years!
Love from Ashley and Ann
Pearl & Simon Taylor
» 10.August 2010 um 22:23Uhr «
John: You have given us so much pleasure and wonderful music in all the years we have been going to Chris' concerts. You won't remember who we are, but our daughter Kate and your daughter Beth are good friends and have worked together. We have just played "Another Sad One" and we love it, and hope and pray that you will be back on stage with Chris before too long to play it live for us. There are so many hundreds of thousands of people who have been uplifted by your great guitar throughout your long career. We all owe you for that, and we are with you all the way. Love from Pearl and Simon
Johnnie H
» 09.August 2010 um 11:04Uhr «
Hi John,
Thinking of you and your family a lot. Hang in there mate we need guitarists like you.
Richie Burns
» 08.August 2010 um 22:00Uhr «
Hi John just wishing you well keep fighting man,we need Guitarist like you,love your playing,i have many CB CDS Albums etc and love your playing,( the best )the odd times i have been back stage at a CB Concert it has been great talking to you, you always have time to talk to people,get well soon John, (TOP MAN).
kind Regards
Richie .
Leo Lentz
» 08.August 2010 um 20:56Uhr «
Dear John,

Very bad news it is, but do keep fighting and hoping for the best and ....come back.
We don`t want to miss your wondeful guitar solo`s!!
All the best from Holland.
Alastair Crawford
» 06.August 2010 um 13:20Uhr «
Hi, John,
You don't know us, but we, along with countless others at Chris's concert in Edinburgh last night, were deeply saddened to learn that your illness has once again prevented you from joining us.
We missed you greatly.
Over God knows how many years', your inimitable solos have always been some of the eagerly anticipated highlights of our evenings with you, Chris, and the guys.
So here's looking to hearing you in the Queen's Hall, again.
Take care,
Alastair & Rebecca.
Peter Austin
» 06.August 2010 um 12:40Uhr «
Bank Manager? I hope that has cracked up John and his family as much as it has me! Bank manager indeed!

Also wanted to say that all the messages that have been posted just go to show how much you and your music mean to us John. My wife tells me that I'm murdering "Another Sad One" but I am trying!

Keep fighting.

Chris from Cheshire
» 05.August 2010 um 22:36Uhr «
Hello John,

You don't know me from Adam but I had to write to wish you well again. I have only ever seen you with the Chris Barber Band. I always told my friends that you looked like a Bank Manager but played THE most fantastic blues guitar - always one of the highlights of the gig.
I'm thinking of you.
Manni Schmelzer
Web: http://www.8wd.de
» 04.August 2010 um 21:24Uhr «
HI John,
i just spoken to you on the PHone.and you know 8 wd is going to BUlgaria to some GIgs. we( the Band will be with you all the Time when we are playing in Bansko. MAria and i will get in contact as soon will back from the Tour .Good bless You
» 04.August 2010 um 16:54Uhr «
John - you have probably spent more time with Crock than I have during your travels as we go back a long way. Although we haven't been in touch recently I just want to say I am thinking of you at this difficult time and wish you well my friend. I know your loving family will give you strength for the future. Fondest love to you all.
» 04.August 2010 um 16:42Uhr «
Slaughts. After 30 odd years on the road together we seem to have drifted apart, but I remember fondly the way your humour could soften the blow of hours gazing at that never ending ribbon of tarmac. Who was responsible for the discovery of that obscure blues man "Blind Summit", just one example of your gentle humour that brings a smile to my heart at the very thought. Behind that Blues exterior it's all solid gold. I feel privileged to have you as a friend. Hang on in there mate.
Web: http://www.8wd.de
» 02.August 2010 um 21:46Uhr «
Dear John,

as I wrote two years ago:
you´ll never walk allone.
Die Boys and Girls von EIGHT WHEEL DRIVE
warten auf Dich, Deinen Humor, Deine Art Gitarre zu spielen, wie Du es auf unserer CD des Live-Mitschnittes das Publikum und uns hast spüren lassen. Wir warten auf Deinen Satz bei den Proben: I'm not yet in the right mood. Wir sind stolz, dass wir solch einen wunderbaren Menschen, nicht nur Musiker, als Freund haben. Wir kennen Dich als Kämpfer und Du wirst die Krankheit beiseite schieben. Gitta wird Dir dabei helfen und wir werden Dir mit all unserer Kraft zur Seite stehen. Wir freuen uns auf unsere nächste Probe mit Dir. Du bist stark - Du schaffst das!

Willie B.
Waltraud and Jürgen Lorenz
» 02.August 2010 um 21:19Uhr «
Dear John!
When reading the last mail we were shocked and at the same time felt very sad about the contents.
As member of the Chris Barber Band for so many years and with your own band you have given so much for body and soul that it is not easy for us to express in a few words what we have received from you during all this time.
When we asked our son Helge some time ago who his favourite guitarist was who influenced his instrumental music (guitar) most of all he answered without hesitation: John Slaughter.
Dear John, please try to reject your dark thoughts. The Slaughter music will/must go on. Thank you for your music and your kindness when we met. We hope that the good wishes in the message board will help you as much as the medicine.
We do not say Good Bye to you but with your
own words whenever we parted: "See you".
Les & Ruth Taylor
» 02.August 2010 um 17:48Uhr «
We are so sorry to hear of your latest illness. We have been so priveledged to be able to enjoy your masterful playing at many CB concerts. You are a true 'professional'. You and your dear family are on our prayer list and we pray you will experience the Grace of God and His healing in your life.
With every good wish
Les & Ruth
Marilyn and Ekkehard
» 02.August 2010 um 13:05Uhr «
Dear John,

We are thinking of you and Brigitte and your family and appreciate your sharing your truly beautiful new composition with us. Thank you for "Going up the River" and much more. We wish you courage and the comfort of those who love you dearly.

Your faithful fans,

Marilyn Reverchon and Ekkehard Schuster
» 02.August 2010 um 12:05Uhr «
So sorry to hear the news.
Come on John - you can do it.
We all are wishing you to, and want to hear that you`ve pulled it round.
What a lovely redition you`ve produced with Another Sad One. It`s beuatiful.
Very best wishes John,
Bill from Chester.
Ray Green
» 02.August 2010 um 10:37Uhr «
John, you accepted Paula and I as "band group-ies" when you toured NZ in 2000, and it has always been a great pleasure to catch up with you since. You are the last of the 2000 tour still playing (other than CB of course) and we have always been fans of your music.

Ironic that I put one of your CDs in the car today, before I read the latest news. Keep battling on and you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Ray & Paula NZ
Web: http://www.betamax-...
» 02.August 2010 um 07:48Uhr «
Hi John
I'm a friend of Holenstein Peter. I'm the guy from BETAMAX who sounds like Vince Gill (your words). Perhaps you remember me. You both were talking about our Band.
I'm very sad about the bad news and I'm praying, that you win the fight!

God bless you, John!!!!!!
Tony West
» 02.August 2010 um 05:00Uhr «
Hi John. We last met here in Adelaide when you were on the Barber/Ball tour Downunder.
I first met you many years ago on the several occasions when "The smokies" and Sheila Collier were the support band at a number of venues. I have always enjoyed your playing.
I'm saddened to learn of your situation.
Thinking of you.

Tony West
(Ex bjo/guitar Smoky City Jazzband)
Jan Lorenz
» 02.August 2010 um 01:17Uhr «
Dear John,

the news of your current situation came as a total shock to me and I am deeply touched. My thoughts are always with you. I sincerely hope that you will recover.

I first heared you on a Chris Barber LP (Sideways) when I was six years old. As a teenager I usually listend to the East-Berlin version of Jeep`s Blues or Ubava Zabava as a kind of legal hights. In 1986 I had the privilege of meeting you in person for the first time. In all those years I have listened to hundreds of artists but still you are one of my (very few) musical heros. This has nothing to do the nostalgia but with a special ability of yours to find a direct link to my soul.

All my very best wishes are with you. Keep fighting!!

Jan Lorenz
Les Bull
» 01.August 2010 um 22:30Uhr «
You've brought so much pleasure to millions of people. Your friends and fans in Kendal and the north west all send you their love and prayers. Get well John, cos we all love you madly
Web: http://www.chrisbar...
» 01.August 2010 um 21:34Uhr «
It is a pity! Often we do not know why we have to experience a fate. I wish you the very best in carrying your destiny! God bless you - Toni
Sue and Colin
» 01.August 2010 um 18:39Uhr «
Even though we have been in touch and talked on the phone, we wanted to add our wishes to the many you have had. We send our love and you are in our thoughts always. It has been such a pleasure being on the road with you and I learned more about bird watching from you than anywhere else - Colin. Do you think perhaps the custard pie is not a good idea now?!!!! - Sue
Our love to Brigitta.
Sue and Colin
Martin Verrill
» 01.August 2010 um 18:30Uhr «
Dear John,
I came upon your music when I heard, by chance, People Get Ready from Battersea Rain Dance. Great tone, real 'feel' just what I like in a guitar. This led me to more of Chris's music and ultimately to your own recordings. Seen you live loads of times, met you a couple and always came away really happy that here was a band and a guitarist with no side issues just out and out commitment to the cause. So very sorry to have just found out about your illness. My thoughts join with all these others, and more I'm sure, for a rapid recovery and the love of your family. Have just been playing Battersea Rain Dance for transferral to my BIG Mp3 collection. Thank you so much for People Get Ready, Worksong, Shout 'em Aunt Tilly, Revival, Saratoga Swing, Jeep's Blues etc etc. The best blues guitar licks I've ever heard. No-one comes near. M.V.
Sue and Colin
» 01.August 2010 um 17:26Uhr «
Even though we have been in touch and talked on the phone, we wanted to add our wishes to the many you have had. We send our love and you are in our thoughts always. It has been such a pleasure being on the road with you and I learned more about bird watching from you than anywhere else - Colin. Do you think perhaps the custard pie is not a good idea now?!!!! - Sue
Our love to Brigitta.
Sue and Colin
dorothy massey
» 01.August 2010 um 12:55Uhr «
Dear John, Having been a fan of yours for more years than we care to remember, it came as a terrible shock to hear that you are ill again. We sincerely hope that you can recover from this and our thoughts are with you and your family. Please keep your chin up and we hope to hear you play "another sad one" in person.
All our very best wishes are with you
Dorothy & Chris Massey
Vic and Pam
» 31.Juli 2010 um 13:37Uhr «
Dear John,
I am very saddened to hear that your illness has got worse. I would like to say what a pleasure it is being on the road with you all these years.You are always great to be with.
You are always calm and witty. Your playing is the best there is.
All our love
Pam and Vic.
John Service
» 31.Juli 2010 um 12:11Uhr «
Slaughts (or as you said, "Plaster Nose Slaughter", blues star!!!)

You know my feelings regarding the current situation from our recent communications - you've been a great mate for 24 years and travelling and working with you in the band was a tremendously rewarding time for me both musically and from a hilarity point of view! I'm glad that even in the face of this current adversity that when we talked last week we were able to have a good giggle together, which helped me in my (in comparison insignificant) problems....typical of you to lend an ear and make me smile!
Stay strong and positive and, as I said to you, all the "Brothers" at the Zürich chapter are rooting for you and send their love and best wishes...Skype soon!

My prayers go out to you,
John x

P.S. I like the "wee tune!!!"
» 31.Juli 2010 um 00:31Uhr «

thank you for the dedication you've shown over the years. Your talent and skill is unmistakeable, and your value immeasurable.
I remember, when I was maybe in my early teens, running around backstage looking for John Crocker. In my obliviousness, instead of finding the door to the hallway, I ran straight into one of the dressing rooms, where you and (I think it was) Brigitte were having a conversation. Extremely embarassed for having barged in, I blurted out, Have you seen John? You both looked at me blankly and asked, Which one?
I felt like eons passed before I could spit out, Crocker....

Ah memories. Pointless story, but anyway.

I'm thinking of you while you fight on.
Caroline B
Baz Durrant
» 30.Juli 2010 um 23:04Uhr «
I am crossing all of my fingers & toes for you, & looking forward to hearing the greatest guitarist that I have ever heard, back playing again. PS I like another sad one.

Best to you John

Baz Durrant
Louis Lince
» 30.Juli 2010 um 18:59Uhr «
Dear John,

I have only just heard of your recuurent illness. Jill and I are thinking of you and hope for the best. The last time I saw you was in Gelsenkirchen with your blues band. We haven't been able to see you with Chris as my gigs keep getting in the way.

Hang in...our thoughts are with you and yours.

» 30.Juli 2010 um 18:50Uhr «
Dear John!
It's not only 'another sad one', it's also 'if walls could talk' (...remember the one that was sent to me by your wife) an of course the one a play over and over again 'Don't go to Strangers' - and I'm very, very sure, you won't!

Just wanted to say, that I'm with you with all my thoughts and I want you to give you back the "Best wishes", which you once wrote to me on the mentioned CD.

Thinking of you and your family! Much love Werner & Brigitta (Winterthur)
Ed Jackson
» 30.Juli 2010 um 18:41Uhr «
Dear John,

I still remember the first time I ever heard of you. It was back in about 1966 when I was an undergraduate student at the LSE, and I vividly remember being in Imhof's on Oxford Street and discovering "Good Morning Blues", your first LP with the band. I also remember wishing I had the 32/6 or so that an LP used to cost back then, but I was too broke and couldn't buy the record. Now, of course, I have both the vinyl and the CD reissue, but more importantly I have, in addition to pretty much everything you've ever recorded, your friendship. Who knew, 44 years ago, that I would become the band's webmaster, along with Andreas and our late and much-loved friend Julian, and to count you and your fellow band members as friends. It's still hard for me, sometimes, to realize that people who were my musical heroes going back over 50 years, would be people I would not only have met but count as friends (despite living 5000 miles away with only sporadic trips to the UK). I mention all this because it was your warmth as much as anything else that made me feel at home the very first time I went backstage to meet the guys.
All the best,
» 30.Juli 2010 um 18:02Uhr «
Dear John

I probably saw you first in 1964 at the Casino in Berne / Switzerland and was thrilled about your interpretation of Worksong. My personal favourites are your solos in the different versions of Jeeps Blues as well as in Ubava Zabava. The recording of the Montreux Jazz Festival (although never released on LP or CD) is among my special "jewels". You have given a lot of great musical pleasure to jazz and blues lovers.

I was lucky to meet you in different places on Chris Barber Concerts all over Europe and to enjoy your friendship for a long time. I did not only appreciate the discussions about jazz and blues, but also your excellent photographic skills. I keep the fingers crossed for your fight and my thoughts are with you and your family.

Trefor Williams
» 30.Juli 2010 um 17:46Uhr «
Dear John.
We haven't spent long together but I immediately felt the strong, deep, rich, caring and loving vibes. You are a very special and precious man and it's been an honour and privilege to know you, hear you and work with you.
You are firmly on my prayer list. May you gain the ability to eat and enjoy some good food soon, and find a degree of comfort and peace each day. I'm sure having your family around you is a boost.
Your music speaks volumes and touches everyones heart. You have a lasting legacy of love, sensitivity and passion. You're a "one off".
May the Lord bless you and touch you and hold out His loving arms to you.
I'm hanging on in there with you.
Cheers, mate!
Mike Whalley
» 30.Juli 2010 um 15:37Uhr «
Hi John. Ever since the first day I met you and you invited me to eat with you in a very cold Zug I have been priveleged to call you a friend. You have always looked after the 'new boys' and helped them settle in to the bizarre routine of touring with the band. I still try (to absoulutely no avail) to emulate your playing but I think I'll leave that to you. You are an inspiration to many people both musically and through your life experiences and I expect you will still be telling stories of your touring life for some time yet. All the best to you and Brigitta. My prayers are with you all. Mike
Keith Payne
» 30.Juli 2010 um 15:30Uhr «
Dear John,

As a fan of you and your music I am very sorry to hear that you are unwell again. I first saw you with Chris's band back in the late 60's. Most often at Hatfield and the Salibury in Barnet. During your gap years from the band I remenber you turning up at the Red lion in Hatfield and sitting in using your old guitar re-borrowed fro Johnny McCallum. I saw your early band at Tring
with the singer from Wee Williie Harris.
I went to see Otillie with Chris at Aylesbury and there you were back on guitar.
Then of course came the years of the blues band. I saw you several times at the 100 club , twice with Chris guesting and also saw the band at Oxford, Wavendon and the Black Bottom Club in Bedford where I was originally refused entry as a non member, but you vouched for me and I got in. The most recent time was at Pendley this April,when you were the star of the show for me.
I thank you for all the pleasure your great music has given and hope that you recover to play again. In the meantime my very best wishes to you and your family. Your music will live on long after we have both left this planet.

Keith Payne
Lutz Eikelmann
Web: http://www.lutz-eik...
» 30.Juli 2010 um 11:31Uhr «
Dear John,

this is not the moment to talk too much about your great musical contributions to the Barber Band over the decades which I appreciate very much, but the right moment to send you my blessings and best wishes.

I pray for you and your healing, that is for sure.

I do not know what you think or know about alternate ways of healing, but if the developement would reach the point that medical doctors would give you no more chance, I guess you should NOT give up yourself but take a look for some alternate methods. You can not loose then, YOU COULD JUST WIN.

Whatever will come and whatever you decide, do something good to yourself, whatever that means for you**, as often as you can.

** spending time with your family&friends, in nature or whatever, and search opportunities to laugh as often as possible. Laughing from the deep of our hearts is good in many ways for soul and body.

If you ever would like to contact me, please visit my homepage www.lutz-eikelmann.de or ask Andreas Wandfluh for my contact dates like e-mail&mobile. If you would be in the Ruhr area we eventually could meet up somewhere.

All the best for you,
Lutz Eikelmann
Wetter/Ruhr, Germany
Gerard Bielderman
» 30.Juli 2010 um 10:10Uhr «
Dear John, Last week Per Gade informed me about your serious illness and I was shocked. Last October you told me that you were feeling well and now this. I wish you and your family every strength that you need in this difficult time. And I'll always remember you as a very kind person and excellent blues guitarist. God bless.
Gerard Bielderman, discographer.
» 30.Juli 2010 um 09:55Uhr «
Dear John
Words don't come easily at this time but since joining Chris's band you have been an inspiration to me both musically and personally - the happiest and most fun times on tour have been spent in your wonderful company.
Your playing, without a doubt, is out there amongst the best and will remain long after we are all gone.
Here's hoping that we will travel on the road together again sometime good buddy.
It has been and is a privilege to call you a friend
love to you and Brigitta
Zoltan & Jane
John Westwood
» 30.Juli 2010 um 09:52Uhr «
Dear John.... You've never spent as much time here in sunny Spain as we would have liked, but we do have - and will always treasure - the wonderful sounds you've committed to wax/tape/disc. Thank you for so many hours of pleasure wiith your wonderful music which will be heard 'at the touch of a button' for all time.
God Bless

(another) John
Alain Andrey
» 30.Juli 2010 um 09:25Uhr «
Dear John, Despite the bad news which reach us, I have a very strong hope, that you will make it back once more. My thoughts are with you and I wish you all the possible strength for this fight. Love, Alain
Peter Holenstein
» 30.Juli 2010 um 08:56Uhr «
Dear John! We call that person who has lost his father, an orphan; and a widower that man who has lost his wife. But that man who has known the immense unhappiness of losing a friend, by what name do we call him? Here every language is silent and holds its peace in impotence. Silences make the real conversations between friends. Not the saying but the never needing to say is what counts. I always felt that the great high privilege and comfort of our friendship was that one had to explain nothing. My dear John: Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there's a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room we shall be able to see. So take care and do not worry, we will meet again! Yours Peter
Web: http://chrisbarber.net
» 30.Juli 2010 um 01:07Uhr «
Dear John.........we have missed you already and we thought we couldn't miss you more.........but we can and do...........thank you for 46 years of loyal friendship and thank you for
"another sad one" which we will treasure
love from kate and myself......Chris
Helge Lorenz
» 29.Juli 2010 um 23:38Uhr «
Dear John, I am extremely sad about the bad news but you will win the battle! Have I ever told to that you have been the main reason for a little boy way back in 1986 to start playing guitar? With your return to the Chris Barber Band you became one of my biggest guitar heroes and my admiration has never stopped getting bigger and bigger ever since. So many great memories of the nearly 100 concerts of the band I have been attending over the last 20 years of my life and so much great music that I could listen to that enriched my musical heart so much. Not enough characters in this message board to say what I would like to say. But be sure, that me and all my family and friends who adore you and your playing so much are thinking of you in this difficult time. Take care Helge
richard oliver
» 29.Juli 2010 um 23:19Uhr «
Dear John. So many good memories of travelling, working and staying together from your rejoin in '86 until I left in 2005 that its not worth singling out specifics. Your humour, wit and good company were priceless! Splendid memories of us and your Band at Montreux Jazz&Blues Festival and Germany on tour. You have a million happy times to reflect on at this difficult time. The exotic holidays with Brigitta, the success of your girls, the admiration of everyone who heard your playing over 45 years with the Band. Its more than a "bit of a bastard!" this time it seems, but there aint no prizes for how far we can go , only for what we do with the time we have. You should be proud that you have been so succesful in your life and made so many people happy. Luv ya! Richard & Betty
Peter Austin
» 29.Juli 2010 um 23:09Uhr «
John . . . I've loved your style since you first came on the scene back in the 60s and have learned a few of your special licks. Not very well I have to say but I love to have a go and my old Gibson seems to like it too. I've seen you with your own band and of course with the CB band. I've got your CDs and I shall continue to listen to you.

"Another Sad One" is beautiful and says it all. Judy,my wife,Leah,my younger daughter (who loved your band at the Stables and who also has one of your CDs) and I,send you and your family our love and very fondest thoughts.


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