A Chris Barber-Related Item for Sale on eBay (June 2009)

This is an historical curiosity rather than strictly an item from the Barber-Purser archives,
but nevertheless we thought it might be interesting to fans: the sale (for charity) on eBay of
one of the bikes used by a racing team sponsored by Chris in the 1960s.

As a little bit of background, one of the sites to which there is a link below says that:

In Britain, the veteran jazz man Chris Barber wondered who the fit young men were who stood out so much from
the long-haired, baggy-sweatered types who made up his usual audience on an island in the river Thames.
He asked and found they were bikies. Barber was intrigued, perhaps because it also takes a lot of puff to
blow a trumpet, and he agreed a deal which put a team into the British pro peloton for several years.
I met him once and he said he hadn't the slightest idea whether they ever sold him a single extra
record but the idea just appealed.

To view the original eBay entry, sign in to www.ebay.co.uk, enter the number 180371797957
in the Google search box, and you will see a link to the sale page.

Altenatively, you can go directky to

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