VHS-Cassette resp. DVD "Round Rouen 1962 and
Brands Hatch 1964

Chris Barber followers are aware of Chris's involvement in car racing and we know, of course, that the Chris Barber Jazz Band played regularly at car racing events in England. Dr. Peter Brennecke, a German collector and supporter of this website sent us the covers of a VHS-Video Cassette (does anybody remember VHS?) and of a DVD covering the 1964 Brands Hatch RAC European + British Grand Prix. The backing music of this race report is played by the Chris Barber Jazz Band and the title is of course Brands Hatch. Thanks Peter, for your support!

However, the backing music of the film has not yet been released as an EP or CD. The film music was recorded on July 29, 1964. Another recording of that tune was done on August 13, 1964. As far as we know, this track was issued on a prootional EP (never on sale) as well as on a CD called "The Best of Chris Barber's Jazz Band" but this CD was very, very hard to get.

We have added an excerpt of the August 1964 Brands Hatch title and hope you will enjoy the music.

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