Important Information   -   maintaining the website

Dec. 14, 2020

Dear follower of this Chris Barber Website

I am very pleased to inform you that I have found a designated successor for my webmaster duties. From January 2021 on Mr. Toni Ginsel from Germany will take over this work.

Toni is a long-time follower of Chris Barber and his music and has not only a deep knowledge in the bands history but also runs his own IT Training-Center. He is exactly the person I was looking for – a true Chris Barber fan with a profound IT knowledge!

I have been the co-webmaster of the Chris Barber website since 2004 and finally the webmaster since 2013. For some years now I have been planning to hand over the technical work of the website into younger hands, as I have no in-depth knowledge of modern website techniques.

So therefore, the cooperation with the new webmaster Toni Ginsel will be based on the original personal setup of this site (In the beginning: Ed Jackson from Canada was the webmaster at the time, while Julian Purser and I as archivists provided input on content). This means that I will concentrate my work again on archival items and  support Toni with questions of content placement.

We know that the technical standard of this website is not up to date. But our work will continue on a voluntary basis,  as a “fan-project”, without any compensation(!) and will therefore be done in our spare time. The Chris Barber website will continue as a documentary website and will only be redesigned to a limited extent. Above all we would like to repair the various lost links and rearrange certain content, but without making major changes to the basic structure of the website.

We assume that it is also in your interest that the Chris Barber website remains accessible to the public as a "documentary page".

At this point I would like to thank all Barber fans and musicians from all over the world who have supported me in the past years with photos, newspaper clippings, program booklets etc. etc. All these items can be found here on this website and I also appreciate any contact in the near future!

But now, please welcome Toni Ginsel as the new webmaster.

Best wishes, Andreas Wandfluh

This is the new team starting in 2021:

Andreas Wandfluh - Archivist    Toni Ginsel - Webmaster